Motion Mountain


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Motion Mountain

April 6, 2014

Author:       De-em Delete  Reply  IP  
Thank you very very much for making these pooks available.

CS: Thank you, and enjoy them!

when the Electrons will cease

March 13, 2014

Author:       sri raman Delete  Reply  IP  

first I'm very much awesome for getting new edition in which the Googol times matter zipped. I already read a little bit form MM previous edition.

Actually, my question is : how many Electrons will flow from the 1 w , 10 V, DC dynamo to supply continuous load of 1 W continuously with out any interruption. Is the Electrons will cease out or not even the dynamo is rotating continuously?

-sri raman at

CS: You can find the solution yourself - just think about how to proceed!

My pupils like it

March 10, 2014

Author:       Björn Sigursson Delete  Reply  IP  

I use the tables and the "challenges" in my classes, to make the lessons more interesting. The boys and the girls like the stories and they understand the concepts. And I get a good overview from them. Thank you for writing these books.


CS: Thank you!

Wonderful work

February 16, 2014

Author:       Jonathan Bringhurst Delete  Reply  IP  
Dear Prof. Schiller, I have searched for a book like yours for lng time. I went to libraries, I asked my friends and old teachrs, and everybody I knew, for man years. And then I found your book! I feel carried away by passion, not beaten to survive some exam. Thank you for this wonderful work! I have read four volmes and enjoyed them every day I took them up. My wife is now angry with me because I read them too much. Regards, Jon.

CS: Thank you! But I am no professor.


January 29, 2014

Author:       Morgan Delete  Reply  IP  
Un grand merci pour ces beaux livres! Un vrai plaisir.

CS: Thank you!

Not in German

January 5, 2014

Author:       Markus Delete  Reply  IP  
Very good books. And very interesting. But a German translation would be nicer.

CS: Unfortunately, life is limited. Try to enjoy the English original nonetheless!

Very Creative Textbook

December 16, 2013

Author:       RON Delete  Reply  IP  
This is a very creative textbook deserving of perusal by non-partisan readers. Some so called "expert" formally reviewed and published physicists who are accepted yet disagree with each other but insist that only "they" have the right stuff and call everyone else crackpots.

Definition of Genius: Crackpot who hits jackpot!

CS: Since I am myself a published and reviewed physicist, I do not know what to make of your comment. Simply enjoy the reading!

great find

October 23, 2013

Author:       Luiz Moraes Delete  Reply  IP  
I found, in a luck search, your great site. I'm almost 71 yr. now and retired from university professor since Aug., 2011 and a nice chance to realize my dream an learn about this topic. It is amazing the amount of information here. Congratulations!!!

CS: Enjoy, and tell your grandchildren!

October 15, 2013

Author:       Shivanand S.Malaganvi Delete  Reply  IP  
Thank you very much Christoph Schiller for providing me an opportunity to better understand the physics in a way which i love most,through your books... thank you...

CS: All the best to you!


October 6, 2013

Author:       Gerhardt Delete  Reply  IP  
Thank you for this collection. Your passion for motion is infectious. I enjoyed being carried along.

CS: Thank you!

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