Motion Mountain


Wonder and Thrill on Every Page

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A great idea- free physics

January 2, 2015

Author:       Tomctutor Delete  Reply  IP  
It's so refreshing to see this textbook provided free of charge for the whole student community worldwide as such traditional paperbooks in physics are typically very expensive, with some undergraduate volumes near $200 each to purchase.
The author will definitely have a place on my website here in Scotland. Thankyou Christoph

CS: Tom, thank you! The book is written both for enjoyment and learning.


November 15, 2014

Author:       Michael Dube Delete  Reply  IP  
Dear Christoph
Physics was a mystery to me in high school. It was intimidating; a struggle to get through. Over the last 40 years I continued to take a poke at understanding at least the basics. Now I find MotionMountain Physics - and understanding increases with every page. Thank you for this wonderful work. Students will be better for it; I know I am!

CS: Thank you for your message - I am happy that you like the book! If you have questions, email me.

October 11, 2014

Author:       Oliver Delete  Reply  IP  
Your work gives an new and unique perspective of Physics. Motion Mountain is my favourite among the hundreds of Physics ebooks I've explored. It's awesome, thank you!

CS: Thank you - enjoy it!

Awesome Job !!

August 15, 2014

Author:       Amarnath Delete  Reply  IP  
I shall go thru the book and let you know my honest thoughts about this book. Downloading now.

Good Work. RESPECT TO YOU :)

CS: Above all, enjoy it!

July 23, 2014

Author:       Michele Raccio Delete  Reply  IP  
Thank you so much for this wonderful cultural adventure!

CS: Thank you, and enjoy it!

Bucket filled with water

June 16, 2014

Author:       Martin Delete  Reply  IP  
Hi, I tried very hard, to get behind the challenge 4 in the first book. My bucket always hangs vertically and I can't understand why it shouldn't do that with an certain amount of water? It rankles me to stuck with one of the first challenges.

CS: Try it with a bucket at home. Tip: it works best with a light (plastic) bucket!

Motion Mountain

May 16, 2014

Author:       Tessa Delete  Reply  IP  
Thank you VERY MUCH

CS: Thank you for your message!

May 15, 2014

Author:       saoudi Ghzi Delete  Reply  IP  
شكرا هذا ما استطيع قوله

CS: It's my pleasure - enjoy it! If you ever find a way to finance the translation into arabic, let me know; a translator would be ready to go.


April 18, 2014

Author:       Olga Lucia Baquero Delete  Reply  IP  
A beautiful and different different book. Physics has been taught the same por many years }(50?) this is different

CS: Thank you, have fun reading it!

Motion Mountain

April 6, 2014

Author:       De-em Delete  Reply  IP  
Thank you very very much for making these pooks available.

CS: Thank you, and enjoy them!

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