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what about "false" statements?

September 18, 2016

Author:       Miguel Delete  Reply  IP  
I've been browsing this web pages for a while; I find many appealing statements, about Physics, Math, teaching, etc. But, to my dismay, I read in the "about the Project" section the issue of "false statements". Several of the listed "falses" are simply still not decided themes, or imprecise statements. I find this goes against the intended objectives of the book

CS: The statements you point to are all settled by experiments - and known to be false. Falsehoods weaken people. Truth makes people stronger. If you prefer falsehood over truth, this book is not for you.

China‘s quantum satellite

August 20, 2016

Author:       Chris Delete  Reply  IP  
What are the theoretical foundations for China's recent quantum satellite?

CS: Anton Zeilinger from Vienna has performed many neat experiments. The idea of entanglement is known (see vol. IV) and the experiment is a pretty extension of many similar ones realized in the past.

Is a fifth force possible?

August 17, 2016

Author:       Cheung Delete  Reply  IP  
Hello, Mr.C.S. My question:Is a fifth force possible? As this link suggested?

CS: No chance of being correct.

Excellent physics textbooks !!

April 14, 2016

Author:       Giorgos Chalaris Delete  Reply  IP  
The reading of your textbook vol 5 was something that socked me with pleasure. Studying Astrophysics for the last seven years in distant learning astrophysical course i never saw such a textbook with so much clarity and scientifically complete as yours series. Please continue and you will be rewarded by any means for your tremendous task of making physics a real pleasure to learn.

CS: Thank you!

Merci et thank you

April 6, 2016

Author:       Julie Beaulieu Delete  Reply  IP  
I read the first three volumes in français and then the last ones in english. It was fantastic. Now I look at nature in a different way. Trees, animals and people have become much more interesting! Since I read it, it is really great to watch the world around me. Thank you!

CS: Merci pour le message - parlez-en à vos amis!


February 19, 2016

Author:       Kevin Delete  Reply  IP  
Reading it is like entering a new world. Thank you for making this available!

CS: Thank you, and enjoy it!

Great read...and a small query

October 30, 2015

Author:       Sarthak Delete  Reply  IP  
I have a small query regarding the tidal effects in general relativity.
According to the explanation of tidal effects in the book, these are the consequence of height dependent time in General relativity. Could you please give an intuition for this reason or some references where I can read it?

CS: In general relativity, the change of time with height is due to the gravitational potential phi. The gravitational potential of a compact mass, in turn, is responsible for tides.

More precisely, the 00 component of the metric g is related to the potential, if everything behaves slowly and nicely: g_00= 1−2 phi /c^2.

Any updates soon?

October 19, 2015

Author:       Ian Bourke Delete  Reply  IP  
I've been anticipating an update for over a year now. Do you feel the need for one at this time or have there not been enough significant discoveries to warrant changes? Thanks!

CS: Many small changes are accumulating. A new edition will appear, but I do not know when yet. If you have a favorite topic, let me know!

October 16, 2015

Author:       Maruf Hasan Delete  Reply  IP  

A new world

October 9, 2015

Author:       Tarcisio Delete  Reply  IP  
Christoph, thank you for your books. They told me many things about nature that I did not know before. I am telling all my friends to read them.

CS: Thank you - I hope your friends and you enjoy it!

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