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Wonder and Thrill on Every Page
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Dr. Christoph Schiller
Motion Mountain Physikverein
Sperberstraße 32
81827 München
Tel. 089 44109266

Christoph Schiller, the author of the Motion Mountain Textbook, was born in 1960 and is European. He is married and has two children. Raised bilingually in Varese, he studied physics at the Universität Stuttgart and received his Ph.D. in physics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in the department of Ilya Prigogine. He has lived and worked in various countries in Europe and Asia.

As a physicist, Christoph Schiller is convinced that exploring and applying physics can provide as much pleasure as anything else in life - and he explains why in the present text. He started the Motion Mountain textbook project in Yokohama in 1990, wrote most of the text in Eindhoven, Berlin and Munich and is now improving it when he commutes to work.

He sometimes writes about how experience with customers and companies can help to improve teaching, and to improve research and to improve LaTeX, and about how experience with physics can improve management.

The Motion Mountain Physikverein is a charitable, non-profit organisation that is tax-exempt according to German law; the use of its funds is controlled by the German tax authorities. Your donation, however small, is welcome – and tax-deducible! To donate, click here:


Your donation will be used to improve the book and its distribution. No profit is made; the expenses so far were more than four times higher than the sum of all donations. Thank you in advance, also in the name of all future readers!

Both Christoph Schiller and the Motion Mountain Physikverein endorse the rules of good scientific practice of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/German Research Foundation.


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