Help saving the T-shirt industry

Since 1988 it is an official requirement that the unified description of motion – which journalists falsely call the "theory of everything" – must fit on a T-shirt. After waiting in vain for decades, the T-shirt industry was in big trouble.

At last, here is a design that has even been published in peer-reviewed physics journals and meets the requirement. For other colours or cuts, for sweatshirts, hoodies and more, click on the image to open a new window.

T-shirt imagePolo-shirt image

The T-shirts show Dirac's trick with strands of Planck radius. The drawing and formulae specify the fundamental principle of the candidate for the unified description of motion called the strand tangle model. The strand tangle model, or strand conjecture, appears to contain general relativity, cosmology, quantum field theory, and the standard model of particle physics, with all fundamental constants and without any modification. In particular, the strand tangle model solves the following issues of modern physics:

The detailed answers are given on the research page. 5 Euro of the ultimate T-shirt price go to our non-profit association. Enjoy.



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Tacitus wrote: Deorum iniurias Diis curae. If you do not agree, please do not read further.

Some silly people have claimed that the T-shirt shown above is God's favourite T-shirt and that he likes to wear it in his free time. Of course, such a statement is not serious. Even Michelangelo, who, in the Sixtine Chapel, drew God in a most disrespectful pose, did not dare to draw him wearing a T-shirt. In fact, nobody has ever seen God wear a T-shirt. And does he have free time? This is a controversial issue. A more fashionable polo shirt is also available. But does God care about fashion? And so far, no one has seen him playing polo. It is also questionable whether God speaks English. He surely understands it, but no trustworthy person has ever heard him using the language. Finally, God rarely advertizes the Motion Mountain project, as he does, instead, for Fiat and for the Vatican. That is a pity, as this would definitely help to get more donations. On the other hand, God is surely proud of having created everything – including light, space, particles, people and soap – using just one strand and its crossing switches.