Are you young? Then you need to know some physics.
Are you not? Then you also need to know some physics.
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Physics makes you marvel and dream

Physics makes you marvel at many aspects of nature. Can you build a flying and navigating device as small as a fly?

Physics shows how amazing nature is. And how beautiful. Have you noticed the colour patterns in ravens? Where do they come from?

Physics makes you dream – about nature, about the universe, about trips, and about new possibilities. Can you survive a trip to Mars? How many seconds can you survive in a vacuum? What happens at the end of the universe? Can machines read other people's thoughts?

Physics will provide you with many occasions to be in awe about the wonders of nature.

You want to reach the limits of curiosity? Explore physics. Watch videos. Read books.

You want to get to the bottom of things? Explore physics. Watch videos. Read books.

You want to roam the universe? Explore physics. Watch videos. Read books.

You want to reach the limits of nature? Explore physics. Watch videos. Read books.

Physics is cool

Physics tells you when floating in the air, walking on liquids, touching one million volts, walking on coals, travelling to the stars, or playing with fire is ok, and when it is dangerous. And the same about many other adventures.

In physics, you learn how to build things – with atoms, with light, with electronics, with tiny mechanical parts, with liquids, with gases, with radiation, with ultrasound, and with everything else.

Curiosity leads to adventures – inside atoms, inside living cells, inside other galaxies, inside black holes and inside coffee machines. Physics helps you to remain curious. If you do not learn physics, you will only know a tiny part of the world.

The night sky is dark because the universe is not infinite. The night sky shows star images from a distant past. The colours of the Sun show what it is made of. Radioactivity allows us to deduce the age of skeletons and of the Earth. Einstein was central to the development of lasers. Black holes curve space. Prisms tell us that the universe expands. Aligning rotating atomic nuclei saves lives. The vacuum can oscillate and move.

Many websites, the pages of the book, the videos on this site, and many other videos show that physics is great. If your physics lessons are not cool or fun, demand more coolness or fun from your teacher – and listen carefully. You will see and hear things wonderful and beautiful.

Learning physics is reading the music that nature plays. And enjoying it. And writing your own pieces.

Physics improves your life

Physics makes you stronger.

Physics makes you smarter – every day.

Physics helps you to clarify things and situations.

Physics uncovers many hidden things.

Physics shows you that nature follows rules. There is a reason for everything that happens.

Physics teaches you how to check for truth. It uncovers many liars.

Physics teaches you about dangers to avoid. And about their size.

Physics changes prejudices and beliefs into knowledge.

Physics teaches you how to stand up against hoaxes, lies and liars. Examples are the recurring hype about nuclear fusion (, the hype about quantum computing, and flying penguins.

If somebody tells you that the universe has "secrets" he is a charlatan. Mistrust him.

Physics teaches you how to think clearly. It is empowering.

Physics shows you many tools and devices.

Physics makes you better in your future job - whatever that job will be.

Physics lets you improve the world

Physics is the result of passion. Do the same with your life.

Physics is the result of being rooted in reality. Do the same.

Physics lets you understand every tool in the world. Try.

Physics lets you improve and invent tools. Do it.

Physics is behind every environmental issue and behind every solution. Know it.

Physics is behind every medical device. Improve them.

Physics is behind every technology. Improve each one.

Physics is behind many businesses. Learn it.

Physics helps you to make your dreams come true

Physics shows that your dreams can be useful. From tiny mechanisms to new types of imaging systems, from new materials to new devices and machines, physics tells you to distinguish the possible from the impossible and then encourages and helps you to realize your dream.

Explore physics from particles to stars. Watch videos about everything that moves. Read books that make you wonder and think.


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