The strand conjecture cannot predict human relations: it is not a theory of everything.

The strand conjecture is a candidate for a complete description of fundamental physics.

Anybody can check it. Ideas are simple, publications are accessible, predictions are clear.



The strand conjecture reproduces general relativity and the full standard model, including the particle spectrum, the interaction spectrum and the gauge groups. Read about this here.

The strand conjecture predicts to reproduce the values of particle masses, mixing angles and coupling constants.

All predictions derive from one fundamental principle.

All predictions agree with experiment.

None of the predictions is made by any other candidate conjecture.

Nothing unexplained is left over – in fundamental physics.



Calculations of the standard model constants are not yet precise.



No hype possible: No new effects. Not mythical. Not a paradigm shift. Not a big deal.

No misuse possible: No new power. No secret knowledge. No new age nonsense. No salvation. No eternal bliss. Not a holy grail. Not magic.

Just a few lines on paper.

Just pretty topology and geometry.


*    *