Every quantity in nature is limited.

This page presents some of the most famous physical limits.


These limits are valid across the universe.

These limits are valid at all times.

These limits are valid across all sciences.

These limits are absolute.

These limits are invariant: they are the same for every observer.

These limits restrict what can happen, what can be, and what can be done.

These limits define physics, as shown on this page - when they are added to the principle of least action. In that case, the limits describe everything that can happen.

When the limits are used to defined physics, only a few are needed, as shown on this page.

These limits differ slightly from the Planck values: the contain 4G instead of G.

Find any exception to any limit - and become famous.

Find an additional, unknown limit - and then publish it.

Every quantity in nature has a second, opposite limit.

Have fun filling them in! Many are unpublished.

These limits are valid across the universe.

These limits change over time.

In short: nothing in nature is infinitely large or infinitely small.

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