Free science education via the internet works.

Dissemination. The English edition and the translations of the free physics textbook are now downloaded over 40 000 times a year by boys, girls, women and men. Since 2010, the downloads from developing countries are more numerous than those from the developed countries.

Impact. Several young men and women, in developing and in developed countries, were encouraged by the book to study physics at university.

Teaching. The use of the book by teaching professionals is increasing steadily.

Many puzzles and curiosities from the book are used across the world.

Providing a role model. Each of us has to choose between addiction and passion, that is, between superficiality and dedication. In everything we do, we need to distinguish between distraction and concentration. This site has no distractions and no lies. Readers are encouraged to concentrate on motion in nature, to enjoy the exploration, to imagine, to think and to dream.

Please support free science education.

Your donation to the small charitable non-profit association, the Motion Mountain Physikverein in Germany, that publishes the book, is welcome!

Your donation will be used to improve the free physics textbook, the translations and the distribution (or, if you explicitly mention it, to continue the research project). The book has been constantly improved for more than twenty years. The book project will continue as long as possible. No profit is or has ever been made: of the sum spent so far, less than a quarter has been covered by donations.

Help us turning young people into heroes. Each of us has to choose, like Heracles, between the broad and easy path of vice, and the narrow and hard path of virtue. People who read choose a harder path than those who play video games. People who cultivate a passion choose a harder path than those who cultivate distraction. Readers are the heroes of modern time. Help people to become heroes!

Thank you in advance for your support, also in the name of all readers! If you desire it, your name will be added to the list of sponsors. Your donation is tax-deducible according to German law; its proper use is controlled by the German tax authority. Contact for more information or for obtaining a receipt ("Zuwendungsbescheinigung" or "Spendenbescheinigung").